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Post-construction Cleaning

We perform professional post-construction cleanups. Our team can do a great job with post-construction cleaning, we will ensure that your new commercial building or home can be welcoming and clean. We can give you a free estimate.

Living / Common Areas

  • Floors are swept and vacuumed/mopped

  • All lights are free of dust

  • Doorknobs and light switches are clean

  • Windows, window sills, and window tracks are cleaned and dusted

  • No evidence of paint drops on the floors or scuff marks on the walls

  • Trash removed

  • Doors and doorframes cleaned


  • Dust all shelves and counters

  • Clean inside cabinets

  • Make sure all cabinet hardware is clean and secure

  • Sweep and vacuum/mop floors

  • Clean windows, window sills, and window tracks

  • Remove trash

  • Clean sink

  • Wipe down all fixtures and finishes


  • The sink, tub, and shower are clean and sanitized

  • Toilet is sanitized

  • Mirrors, cabinets, and counters are wiped down

  • Floors are swept and vacuumed/mopped

  • Inside cabinets and drawers are cleaned

  • Windows, baseboards, light fixtures, doorknobs, and doorframes are cleaned

  • Trash is removed


  • Cleaning inside closets

  • Dusting light fixtures and ceiling fans

  • Wiping down baseboards

  • Dusting built-in shelving units

  • Dusting grates and vents

  • Removing paint from hinges

  • Floors are swept and vacuumed/mopped

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